Don Oriene is a special school for the mentally challenged learners. It was started in 1983 as Gaturi Community Based Rehabilitation Centre for the mentally challenged persons by a group of parents who felt the need to cater for people with special needs.

The school has an enrollment of 47 learners who are all boarders – 23 boys and 24 girls. They have different disabilities ranging from down syndrome, autism, mentally challenged and other severe cases.

Water and sanitation has been a real need for this school. The girls dormitory for instance has toilets and bathrooms but nor running water. While the boys dormitory has had no toilets/bathrooms or running water. In addition due to lack of water, the school has been unable to grow it’s own food crop/kitchen garden in the 2.5acres it occupies which would otherwise be a healthy and affordable substitute to purchasing all the food requirements for the children. This has left then struggling with insufficient and low quality food yet special needs children require well balanced and nutritious meals.

Well, all this is set to change after Drilling For Life drilled a charity borehole for the school in January 2019. With a yield of over 8,000litres per hours, the school will now have sufficient water for all their needs and especially improving the dietary needs of the children, improving sanitation facilities and income generation.