DFL Reparing Pump 3 In the Month of February, DFL Director Ron, Board Member Gene and DFL Missions Director Pst.Timothy together with Henry set out to Turkana County, to restore a pump in the village of ‘Agatrongot’.

DFL Reparing Pump 2Pump Restored





The village is situated more than 50 miles from the nearest town of Kerio. This is approximately a 1 -hour drive, through some very sandy terrain. Though the temperatures were high, the team was determined to see the pump restored so that the community could access water. 4 hours later, following some dedicated hard work, the pump was restored to excellent working condition. The community could now access clean water for domestic use from the pump. What a joy it was.


Later on, Ron and the team also gave out some food to the Turkana community, donations from Drilling For Life. This consisted of corn, beans, salt and other supplies. We thank God for the provision of funds and the love that is shown by everyone who is committed to the work of the Lord.

Ron and Gene Giving Out foodDFL Giving out food