Drilling For Life

Drilling For Life is a charitable Christian organization working to provide access to clean potable water to those who lack this basic necessity

Water Projects
Livelihoods impacted
Years Experience
Counties in Kenya

Giving life one well at a time

Each day thousands of children die due to lack of safe drinking water. In many regions of Africa people may walk as far as 10 miles to find water supply. These water supplies are often contaminated by disease and bacteria which can lead to sickness and death. When water is scarce, water supplies are often points of local conflict as people and their livestock compete for this important life necessity.

Our Impact

Drilling For Life has carried out over 500 projects since its inception, impacting over 1,000,000 livelihoods through drilling and equipping of solar powered boreholes.

Our Impact


Drilling For Life have TWO sets, fully functional drilling rigs, with capacity for drilling up to 350m depth boreholes with success.

They come fully equipped with mud-drilling units

Qualified Personnel

Drilling For Life is comprised of qualified professional staff and technical advisors with a huge range of experience: Director – Ron Weaver is a certified water well driller with over 30 years of experience

Professional staff & technical advisors

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