Drilling For Life Equipment

We have a fully functional rotary drilling rig. It has the capacity of drilling upto 300m depth boreholes with success. It also comes with a fully equipped mud drilling unit.

Borehole Drilling Process

Hydro-geological Survey

A hydro-geological survey ought to be conducted on the client’s parcel of land by a registered hydro-geologist. This is done to ascertain depth recommended and also enables the drilling contractor as well as the client to understand the soil/rock formation of the intended drilling site.

  • Permit
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Report
  • Licence from the city inspectorate
  • Drilling Process
  • Pump Installation

A borehole is ready to be equipped with a pump after drilling and test pumping it to determine the yield. Our pump testing reports usually include a recommendation of the pump that is suitable for your borehole given the yield and depth.