Nothing is as exciting as for a driller as the sight of clear crystal water. A true sign of successfully providing clean potable water for communities in need. Where water quality is more often than not containing higher than recommended quantities of fluoride, iron or manganese. What a relief for the water user who will not have to walk for hours on end in search of the elusive clean potable water. And with the high cost of water treatment, often starting from Kshs.300,000/- for a reverse osmosis plant for only 500litres per hour, what a relief for the financier or donor as funds saved can contribute towards a new borehole project.

There was a never a time when availability of clean potable water was more crucial than now. With COVID 19 requirements of constant hand washing to stop the spread. Drilling For Life has continued to help communities access clean potable water during this pandemic. Two projects started in a girls secondary school and the other in special school before they were forced to close by the pandemic will be essential when schools reopen in January. Another project was a borehole drilled for an orphanage in Wayani, Kibwezi just a month ago. And we’re in the process of finalizing preparations for a fourth project also for an orphanage.