Kajiado sits at the heart of the Maasai community, who are well known for pastoralism and livestock herding. Kajiado is known for agriculture and tourism, depending on which side of Kajiado you are. The Maasai community is well defined on how they live and run their affairs. Polite, welcoming, warm, calm, well adorned in colorful attire, is what you will find. They live in small communities, mostly family and friends. These settlements have tight knit relations which keep them together as a community.

Drilling for Life-Kenya (DFL-K), in partnership with Gary and Christine Kimmel, were privileged to undertake a water and feeding project in a village called Olomaiyan in Kajiado central – Kajiado County. Welcomed in song and dance by the generous community, and given Maasai Shukas, which they use to adorn their guests as sign of acceptance. We joined in the song dance and felt not as among strangers, but among friends. Albeit the language barrier, Swahili has a way of reaching all parts of Kenya, and local interpreters adequately bridged the communication gaps.

As we walked to the proposed borehole drilling site, we could see the joy and hope in the community’s eyes and faces, indicating a sign of relief from the struggles of fetching water from distant places, which is not always a guarantee of clean water. Sometimes the water pan is muddy, but they have to use it, as it is the only source of water. When it dries up, they walk miles away, through the thick bushes, risking their lives and their animals, just to get water. You never know what lies in those bushes or what awaits in the thickets. That was the routine.

The following day our drilling rig made its way to the project site and we couldn’t hide our joy, knowing that giving life, one well at a time, and this time in Kajiado, will indeed change the people of Olomaiyan village, and be a turning point in the quality of their lives. Families will have access to clean water, their herds will find a place to quench their thirst. Also, with accessible water comes many other opportunities for growth such as farming.


We made a prayer and the drilling began. As the drilling was going on, we had an opportunity to share the love of Christ and distributed an assortment of foodstuff to the community. The following day, the target depth was reached, but even before the desired depth was achieved, we had struck water. That was a moment of victory.



That being said, much work still awaits including and not limited to Pump installation, water tower construction, storage tanks, solar installation and distribution.

Special thanks to Gary and Christine Kimmel for your love and generosity towards this project.

This and many others are made possible because of the generous support and donations towards this course, Giving life one well at a time.

Thank you so much.