Nginyang Girls is a girls boarding secondary school located in East Pokot, Baringo County in Kenya’s Rift Valley. The schools has a population of about 250girls. With no reliable source of water, the girls have had to make do with 1 liter of water per day for their hygiene use. It is no wonder that in many marginalized communities such as this one, girls opt to skip school during menstruation because between bathing, teeth brushing and laundering, what can one do with 1litre of water? Drilling For Life was happy to engage with the school to ensure that this story does not remain the same. In Feb 2022, DFL, with help from our donors and well wishers managed to drill one borehole at the school to a depth of 140m. The borehole, with a production rate of 36m cubic per hour  [9,510gallons per hour] will adequately serve not only the school but also the nearby community. The impact of this will be evident in the coming months and years as the school is transformed and the girls empowered. For truly providing water for the improvement of girls hygiene empowers them to focus more on their education. With less worries about their hygiene they can now work towards being the vessels of honor that they are. We invite partners/donors/well-wishers to come in and help equip this borehole with a solar pumping system and sufficient storage to meet the needs of the school and the nearby community.